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Fuel Manager Pre-Filter + Provent Ultimate Catch Can Dual Kit – FMPV664DPK

Fuel Manager Pre-Filter + Provent Ultimate Catch Can Dual Kit – FMPV664DPK

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Fuel Manager Pre-Filter + Provent Ultimate Catch Can Dual Kit – FMPV664DPK


Protect your diesel engine with Direction-Plus™ Fuel Manager Pre-filter + Provent Ultimate Catch Can Dual Kit, Defend your diesel engine against water contamination, costly injector breakdowns, the accumulation of carbon, and deteriorated performance with this double kit—the flawless preservation solution.


Direction Plus™ Fuel Manager Pre-Filter + Provent Ultimate Catch Can Dual Kit – FMPV664DPK fits:

  • Ford Everest YNWS (2.0L 4cyl) 2018-2022
  • Ford Ranger YNWS (2.0L 4cyl) 2019-2022




Installing a Direction Plus™ Fuel Manager Pre-filter kit between the fuel tank and the O.E.M fuel filter, the Fuel Manager will remove the majority of water and particle contamination. This leaves the O.E.M fuel filter to do the final and finer filtration. This ensures you are maximising the protection of your diesel fuel system.

For the ultimate front line defence against water and particle contamination, investing in a Direction Plus™ Fuel Manager Pre-Filter Kit will protect your investment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



  • Reduce wear & tear and avoid repair costs that can exceed $10,000

  • 95% water separation and superior particle removal

  • Ability to separate emulsified water from ULSD

  • Clear water drainage bowl to easily identify removed water

  • Keeps critical engine components clean

  • No filter bypass – contaminated fuel will not be sent to the fuel system even when the filter is blocked




Fitting a Direction-Plus ProVent Ultimate Catch Can system to your vehicle ensures that blow-by gas produced from within the crankcase is separated and redirected. Not only does this provide the option of returning the oil back to the sump, but it also guarantees that your engine's performance won't suffer over time.


What are the Benefits of fitting a ProVent Ultimate Catch Can?

  • Prevents oil and soot contamination entering the clean air intake

  • Excellent protection for turbocharger

  • Minimises oil consumption*

  • Prevents oil buildup in intercoolers

  • Regulates crankcase pressure

  • Keeps critical engine components clean

  • Reduces exhaust smoke and odours

  • 98% oil separation efficiency

  • Saves you money

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