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4JJ1 ARP Head Studs

4JJ1 ARP Head Studs

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4JJ1 ARP Head Studs

ARP2000 Performance Cylinder Head Stud Set to suit Isuzu 4JJ1 and 4JX1TC engines.

 There are 18 x studs, 18 washers, and 18 x nuts included in this set.

These ARP2000 head studs are a heavily alloyed martensitic quench hardened and tempered steel that offer a 15% increase in clamping load at around 75% of the studs yield strength and up to an impressive 30.3% increase in clamping load at 85% of the fasteners yield strength!

Yield Strength:
9,108.13 kg

Advantages of ARP2000 Head Studs over Standard 4JJ1 head bolts:


Increased head clamping force for performance applications - Clamping Load at 75% Fastener Yield Strength) - 6831.1kg
A more evenly distributed and accurate torque load compared to that of head bolts 
Re-usable (if in spec)


What this ultimately translates into an increase in reliability for performance applications and a lower chance of head gasket failure.

Note: Thread in block needs to be tapped further to allow for studs longer thread

This set also includes ARP Ultra-Torque lubricant

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